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Hymns Ancient and Modern: Historical Edition
William H. Frere, 1909

Arthur Henry Brown (1830-1926). Connected nearly all his life with Brentwood, where he was organist at the age of ten years. A fertile writer of melodious hymn-tunes published in many books, and editor of many publications, including The Altar Hymnal. Portrait and biography in Musical Times, Dec. 1906. Nos. 19, 44, 151, 269, 305, 497.
All Hallows (Brown)Arthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
ApostolicusArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
BayfordArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
BergholtArthur Henry Brown (1830-1926)
Dale AbbeyArthur Henry Brown (1830-1926)
Dies Iræ (Brown)Brown, Arthur Henry, 1863
GerransArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
Holy ChurchArthur H. Brown, 1862
Holy Cross (Brown)Arthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
Holy RoodArthur Henry Brown (1830-1926)
HuttonArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
HyltonArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
KettlebastonArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
LammasArthur H. Brown, 1868
LegionArthur H. Brown, 1884
Litany (Brown)Arthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
Minster (Brown)Arthur Henry Brown (1830-1926)
Now Lift the Carol, Men and MaidsArthur Henry Brown (1830-1926)
OrthodoxusArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
PurleighArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
Redemptor MundiArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
Saffron WaldenArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. AldateArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. Anatolius (Brown)Arthur H. Brown, 1862
St. AngelusArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. AudeonArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. AustellArthur H. Brown, 1876
St. Basil (Brown)Arthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. ColumbArthur Henry Brown, 1878
St. Ethelburga (Brown)Arthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. EulaliaArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. FerdinandArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. GodardArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. John Damascene (Brown)Arthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. JustArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. KeverneArthur Henry Brown (1830-1926)
St. MabynArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. SexburgaArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. SophroniusArthur H. Brown, 1880
St. Stythian’sArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
St. UlricArthur H. Brown, 1884
StaplefordArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
Story of the CrossArthur H. Brown, 1830-1926
Tiltey AbbeyArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)
When Christ Was BornArthur H. Brown, 1859
WimbishArthur H. Brown (1830-1926)