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Christmas Carols, New and Old038
Infant of Days, Yet Lord of LifeMrs. Eliza Sibbald Alderson (1818-1888)

Hymn NumberTuneComposer or SourceMeter
038In Terra PaxRev. John B. Dykes (1823-1876)

1Infant of days, yet Lord of Life,
Sweet Prince of Peace, All hail!
Oh! We are weary of the strife,
The din with which earth’s fields are rife,
And we would list the tale
That chimes its Christmas news for us,
“In terrâ Pax, hominibus.”
2“Peace I leave with you,” was again
Thy dying Gift to earth;
Sweet echo of the lingering strain
Of Christmas morn, the glad refrain
Of Anthems at Thy Birth;
When Angel choirs hymned forth to us
“In terrâ Pax hominibus.”
3O olive Branch! O Dove of Peace!
Brooding o’er stormy waters!
When shall the flood of woe decrease?
When shall the dreary conflict cease,
And earth’s sad sons and daughters
With glad hearts hail Thy word to us,
“In terrâ Pax hominibus?”
4O hear Thy Church, with one accord,
Her long-lost Peace imploring:
Be it according to Thy word:
Thy Reign of Peace bring in, dear Lord;
Heaven’s Peace to earth restoring.
And Peace Eternal, Jesu, grant, we pray.
“In cœlo Pax, Et in Excelsis, Gloria.”