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Christmas Carols, New and Old031
The Babe in Bethlem’s Manger LaidTraditional Carol

Hymn NumberTuneComposer or SourceMeter
031The Babe of BethlehemTraditional CarolCommon Meter with Refrain (

1The Babe in Bethlem’s manger laid,
In humble form so low;
By wondering Angels is surveyed,
Through all His scenes of woe.
Nowell, Nowell,
Now sing a Savior’s Birth;
All hail, all hail
His Coming down to earth,
Who raises us to Heaven!
2A Savior! Sinners all around
Sing, shout the wondrous word;
Let every bosom hail the sound,
A Savior! Christ the Lord.
3For not to sit on David’s throne
With worldly pomp and joy,
He came for sinners to atone,
And Satan to destroy.
4To preach the Word of Life Divine,
And feed with living Bread,
To heal the sick with hand benign,
And raise to life the dead.
5He preached, He suffered, bled and died,
Uplift ’twixt earth and skies;
In sinners’ stead was crucified,
For sin a sacrifice.
6Well may we sing a Savior’s Birth,
Who need the Grace so given,
And hail His coming down to earth,
Who raises us to Heaven.

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