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Christmas Carols, New and Old029
God’s Dear Son, Without BeginningTraditional Carol

Hymn NumberTuneComposer or SourceMeter
029God’s Dear SonTraditional CarolIrregular

1God’s dear Son, without beginning,
Whom the wicked Jews did scorn;
The only wise, without all sinning,
On this blessèd day was born;
To save us all from sin and thrall,
When we in Satan’s chains were bound;
And shed His blood to do us good
With many a purple bleeding wound.
2Bethlehem, King David’s city,
Birthplace of that Babe we find,
God and Man endued with pity,
And the Savior of mankind:
Yet Jewry land, with cruel hand,
Both first and last His power denied;
When He was born they did Him scorn,
And shewed Him malice when He died.
3No princely palace for our Savior
In Judea could be found,
But sweet Mary’s meek behavior
Patiently upon the ground
Her Babe did place, in vile disgrace,
Where oxen in their stalls did feed;
No midwife mild had this sweet Child,
Nor woman’s help at mother’s need.
4No kingly robes nor golden treasure
Decked the birthday of God’s Son;
No pompous train at all took pleasure
To the King of kings to run;
No mantle brave could Jesus have
Upon His cradle cold to tie;
No music’s charms in nurse’s arms
To sing that Babe a lullaby.
5Yet, as Mary sat in solace
By our Savior’s cradle side,
Hosts of Angels from God’s Palace,
Singing sweet through Heaven so wide:
Yea, Heaven and earth, at Jesu’s Birth,
With sweet melodious tunes abound;
And every thing to Jewry’s King,
Through all the world gives cheerful sound.
6Now to Him that hath redeemed us
By His death on holy Rood,
And as sinners so esteemed us,
As to buy us with His Blood,
Yield lasting fame, that still the Name
Of Jesus may be honored here;
And let us say that Christmas Day
Is still the best day in the year.

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