The Historic Hymnal Series is based on the contents of old hymnals. These hymnals have been indexed, some completely, others only partially, although the hope is that over time the missing gaps will be filled in. This page provides a master table of contents for the work that has been done. Some of the data, as it is in progress, is incomplete or the references may not be correct at this time. If you are looking for specific information on a hymn, you may have better success at locating it at one of the search pages.

NamePublisherDateDenominationEditorMusical Editor
Additional Hymns with Tunes, 1903Novello & Company, Limited1903AnglicanBrooke, Rev. Charles William Alfred 
Carols for Use in ChurchNovello & Company, Limited1894 Chope, Rev. Richard Robert (1830-1928)Irons, Herbert Stephen (1834-1905)
Carols Old and Carols NewThe Parish Choir1916 Hutchins, Rev. Charles Lewis (1838-1920) 
Christmas Carols, New and OldNovello & Company, Limited1871AnglicanBramley, Rev. Henry Ramsden (1833-1917)Stainer, Sir John (1840-1901)
Church Book with Music, 1893J. K. Shryock, Philadelphia1893Lutheran Krauth, Mrs. Harriet Reynolds (Spaeth) (1845-1925)
Church Hymnal (Ireland), 1891Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge1895Anglican  
Church Hymns, 1871Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge1881AnglicanHow, Bishop William Walsham (1823-1897)Sullivan, Sir Arthur Seymour (1842-1900)
Church Hymns, 1903Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge1903AnglicanTurner, Herbert Beach (1835-1903) 
Church Praise, 1907James Nisbet & Co., Limited1907PresbyterianSummers, HelenAbernethy, Frank Nicholson (1864-1927)
Common Service Book of the Lutheran Church, 1918The Board of Publication of the United Lutheran Church1918Lutheran  
Congregational Church Hymnal, 1887Congregational Union of England and Wales1887Congregational Hopkins, Edward John (1818-1901)
Congregational Hymnary, 1916Novello & Company, Limited1916CongregationalMcClure, Sir John David (1860-1922)Booth, Josiah (1852-1930)
Hymn and Tune Book, 1889Publishing House of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South1889Methodist  
Hymnal and Canticles of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1874E. P. Dutton & Company, New York1875AnglicanGoodrich, Rev. Alfred Bailey (1828-1896)Gilbert, Walter Bond (1829-1910)
Hymnal of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1878Nelson & Phillips1878Methodist  
Hymns Ancient and Modern, New Edition, 1904William Clowes and Sons, Limited1904Anglican Steggall, Charles Henry (1826-1905)
Hymns Ancient and Modern, Standard Edition, 1922The Canterbury Press1922Anglican  
Hymns Ancient and Modern, with Appendix, 1868William Clowes and Sons, Limited1868AnglicanBaker, Rev. Sir Henry Williams (1821-1877)Monk, William Henry (1823-1889)
In Excelsis, 1896The Century Co, New York1896Baptist  
Irish Church Hymnal, 1919Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge1919Anglican  
Laudes Domini, 1887The Century Co, New York1887 Robinson, Rev. Charles Seymour (1829-1899) 
Methodist Hymn and Tune Book, 1918William Briggs, Toronto1918Methodist  
The Baptist Church Hymnal, 1900Psalms and Hymns Trust1900Baptist Briant, Rowland
The Christian Endeavor Hymnal, 1905The Christian Endeavor Union of Great Britain1905Christian EndeavorMorgan, Rev. Joseph Brown (1860-1927)Bonner, Rev. Carey (1859-1938)
The Church Hymnal for the Christian Year, 1917Novello & Company, Limited1917Anglican  
The Church Hymnal Revised and Enlarged, 1892The Parish Choir1892Anglican Hutchins, Rev. Charles Lewis (1838-1920)
The Church Hymnal Revised, 1920The Parish Choir1920Anglican Hutchins, Rev. Charles Lewis (1838-1920)
The Church Hymnal, 1879The Parish Choir1879Anglican Hutchins, Rev. Charles Lewis (1838-1920)
The Church Hymnary (Scotland), 1898Henry Frowde, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast, London1898Church of Scotland Stainer, Sir John (1840-1901)
The Church Hymnary, Twentieth Century Edition, 1900Maynard Merrill & Co.1900ReformedKeller, Mathias (1813-1875) 
The English Hymnal, 1906Oxford University Press1906AnglicanDearmer, Rev. Percy (1867-1936)Vaughan Williams, Ralph (1872-1958)
The Evangelical Hymnal, 1921Evangelical Publishing House, Cleveland1921Evangelical  
The Hymn Book, 1908Oxford University Press1908Anglican  
The Hymnal (Episcopal), 1916The Church Pension Fund1916AnglicanWhitehead, Bishop Cortlandt (1842-1922)Douglas, Rev. Charles Winfred (1867-1944)
The Hymnal (Presbyterian), 1895The Presbyterian Board of Publication1897PresbyterianBenson, Rev. Louis FitzGerald (1855-1930)Gilchrist, William Wallace (1846-1916)
The Hymnal Companion to the Book of Common Prayer, Revised and Enlarged Edition, 1877Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington1877AnglicanBickersteth, Bishop Edward Henry (1825-1906)Cooper, Joseph Thomas (1819-1879)
The Hymnal Companion to the Book of Common Prayer, Third Edition, 1890Longmans, Green, and Co.1890AnglicanBickersteth, Bishop Edward Henry (1825-1906)Vincent, Charles John, Jr. (1852-1934)
The Hymnal Revised (Presbyterian) Supplement, 1911The Presbyterian Board of Publication1914Presbyterian  
The Hymnal Revised (Presbyterian), 1911The Presbyterian Board of Publication1914PresbyterianBenson, Rev. Louis FitzGerald (1855-1930)Allen, Alfred Reginald (1876-1918)
The Hymnal Revised and Enlarged (Trinity Church), 1893E. & J. B. Young & Company1893Anglican Messiter, Arthur Henry (1831-1916)
The Hymnal Revised and Enlarged, 1903Novello, Ewer and Co, London1903Anglican Parker, Horatio William (1863-1919)
The Hymnary, 1872Novello, Ewer and Co, London1872AnglicanCooke, Rev. William (1821-1894)Barnby, Sir Joseph (1838-1896)
The Methodist Hymn-Book, 1904Wesleyan Conference Office1904Methodist  
The Methodist Hymnal, 1905The Methodist Book Concern1905MethodistVincent, Bishop John Heyl (1832-1920Harrington, Karl Pomeroy (1861-1953)
The Mission Hymnal, Enlarged Edition, 1913The Biglow & Main Company1914Anglican  
The New Psalms and Hymns, 1901Presbyterian Committee of Publication1901Presbyterian  
The Oxford Hymn Book, 1908Oxford at the Clarendon Press1908Anglican  
The Presbyterian Book of Praise, 1897Oxford University Press1897Presbyterian  
The Presbyterian Hymnal, 1874The Presbyterian Board of Publication1874PresbyterianDuryea, Rev. Joseph Tuthill (1832-1898) 
The Primitive Methodist Hymnal, 1889Robert Bryant, London1889MethodistBooth, GeorgeCoward, Henry (1849-1944)
The Scottish Hymnal, 1892T. Nelson and Sons, London and Edinburgh1892Church of Scotland Peace, Albert Lister (1844-1912)
The Welburn Appendix, 1875Novello, Ewer and Co, London1875AnglicanGabb, Rev. James (1830-1900)Gabb, Rev. James (1830-1900)
Translations and Paraphrases, in Verse, of Several Passages of Sacred ScriptureThomas Nelson and Sons, London and New York1887PresbyterianBalfour, Rev. Robert Gordon (1826-1905)Hopkins, Edward John (1818-1901)
Tunes, Old and New: Adapted to The Hymnal, 1874W. W. Huntington1891AnglicanTucker, Rev. John Ireland (1819-1895)Walter, William Henry (1825-1893)
Wesley’s Hymns and New Supplement, 1877Wesleyan Conference Office1877Methodist